Case-study of concept designs for a casino sign-up conversion optimization task

Betsafe igaming online casino


Betsafe is one of the leading online gaming brands worldwide. They are considered one of the most trusted and reliable gaming companies in the market, with over 450,000 customers across 100 different countries.

The concept

Please note that all of the work I am presenting here is purely for a case-study of the design concepts, they are not live on the current Betsafe website. My idea was to come up with ways of how to optimize the sign-up journey from a sports betting landing page. Converting new players from this page is a vital step in the journey to optimize the user sign-up process, and also ensure the brand is able to maximize on the traffic levels coming in.

The process

I aimed to deliver a new journey for the page traffic by optimizing and redesigning the current registration pages for users directed from a promotional landing page. The primary objective was to gain more sign-ups and improve conversion, ensuring the solution was optimized for both desktop and mobile devices was equally important as these days we see so many players using their mobiles for betting.

Competitor research gave some specific and general insights into sportsbook landing pages, tools such as Hotjar also provides useful information such as heatmaps and clickmaps to see what users are doing on landing pages. Informal user interviews and on-site surveys could also be useful to understand user’s current challenges and pain-points as a further option.

UX and UI

From initial sketched wire frames and user journeys, I generated a range of ideas surrounding the arrangement of the UI, functionality and interactive elements. From this I created visual mock-ups for desktop and mobile to visualize the user journey and interaction.

Betsafe igaming online casino user journey

Betsafe igaming online casino wireframe

Betsafe igaming online casino wireframe

One main consideration was to change the main banner image for something more descriptive of sports betting, this could also change periodically depending on where the user is arriving on the page from, or on a rotational basis to coincide with current sporting events. Another consideration is the style of messaging used on call to actions, for example – sign up now, create account, sign me up, continue, bet now, etc. Different messaging can have a big impact and this is something that could potentially be A/B tested.

Visual design

Betsafe igaming online casino desktop

The solution

By visualising the users end‐to‐end experience across various screens, I identified where a focus on attention to detail was required in the registration process.

The summary of changes I made include moving the call to action higher up the screen, moving the email and password fields to the landing page to shorten the length of the registration journey. I adjusted the layout of the form for easier readability and included the double deposit message on the registration page to reiterate the incentive to the user. On mobile the goal was to keep consistent with desktop and I scaled back anything that wasn’t necessary on a small device, I did this so that I could create a clean design with a clear process of registration. On the desktop registration page I removed the top menu navigation bar so as to avert distraction and prevent the user from navigating away from the page.

Betsafe igaming online casino desktop

Betsafe igaming online casino desktop