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EuroSlots is one of Europe's premier online casinos. It allows cutomers to sign up and play their favourite casino games from slots and blackjack to roulette and poker. It is famous for being one of the oldest and most trusted online casino sites in the world, offering players a classic casino atmosphere.

The task

To redesign the entire site and create a more modern and streamlined player journey which would aim to provide a better overall experience for our customers.

Euroslots Casino

My role

Key points to improve along the player journey were to modernize the overall look and feel of the site including a whole rebrand and fresh new logo. The biggest priority was to simplify the sign up process and login pages whilst making it easier for players to navigate to their favourite games more quickly. Improving the deposit and withdrawal area of the site was also of high importance as the current solution was a long process and user research showed it to be too confusing. The option of a quick deposit feature was added so that when a players balance drops below a specified amount they are prompted to make a quick cash deposit to allow them to continue playing with minimal disruption.

All of the above features and functionalities intend to make the players journey transparent, easier and more enjoyable.

UX and UI

Euroslots Casino igaming user journey

I design beautiful and engaging apps and websites.

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