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Kroon Casino igaming online casino


Kroon Casino is one of the most popular online casinos in the Dutch market, offering the latest slot machines, the best live casino experience and some of the most attractive bonuses.

The challenge

Kroon wanted to optimize their welcome bonus landing page for new user sign-ups across the business. Their biggest goal was to improve interaction and conversion with a focus on mobile devices which make up 60-70% of their traffic.

My role

As the UX/UI Designer, it was my task to look at how we could improve conversion levels on the page and ways in which we could optimize for mobile devices.

The process

I carried out some competitor research and came to the conclusion that the current page was confusing and not clearly telling prospective new customers what they would be signing up for. The bonus offer was misleading and there was no further information about the brand. The page was not displaying well on mobile devices with the main call to action hidden far down the page.

UX and UI

I started sketching out some basic wireframes of the page paying particular attention to the mobile layout, from these I created wireframes using SketchApp to show the brand the arrangement of the UI, functionality and interactive elements. I then created higher-fidelity visual mock-ups. The current landing page was very dark, we brightened the page using the casino graphics and made the offer text much clearer to users. We added a range of USPs to tell the user more about the brand and added a visual element to these to draw attention.

Visual design and solution

By including a clearer call to action and more visual information about the brand we created a visually appealing landing page that was effectively optimized for mobile users.

Kroon Casino igaming online casino on iphone

Kroon Casino igaming online casino

Kroon Casino igaming online casino

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