Personal project

Ocado ipad tablet website design


Ocado is one of the leading online supermarkets, offering a unique and completely independent online grocer product it focuses on the home delivery of high-quality food, drink and household goods.

The task

This was a personal challenge of mine to take the existing Ocado desktop homepage and redesign it to be optimized for use on a tablet device. The existing solution was not optimized for tablet use.

The process

I researched other online ecommerce sites and picked out the main pain points that I experienced as a user from the existing site. From these findings I collated the most impprtant features and sketched out some wireframes to give an example of the page layout.

Ocado ipad tablet website design

UX and UI

Once I had decided on an ideakl wireframe I began to apply the Ocado brand design to bring the page to life.

Visual design and solution

I wanted to make syre the most important features were clearly visible at the top of the page so customers wouldn't have to go searching. These included a visible link in the top right to view the shopping basket with the total balance displayed beneath, the search feature 'Find a product', clear login and register buttons, the current offer of £15 off for new registered customers and a clear button to 'Start shopping'.

Ocado ipad tablet website design

Ocado ipad tablet website design