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StarCasino igaming online casino


StarCasino is one of the leading online casinos in the Italian market, offering a unique and exciting gaming experience with some of the best welcome bonuses.

The challenge

StarCasino’s current landing pages all take on different styles and layout, there is a large amount of inconsistency amongst the UI particularly amongst call to actions which do not follow the current brand guide. The goal was to take these pages and come up with a new and generic landing page template consistent with the business casino brand.

My role

As the UX/UI Designer, it was my task to research and design the new landing page template to be implemented across the business. It would need to feature several different elements such as banner space, videos, games and prominent call to actions as well as being mobile friendly.

The process

I collectively analyzed all of the current live landing page designs listing out all of the required elements and features. I started making some initial basic wireframes to get an idea of the layout and positioning of all of the elements, on desktop and mobile.

UX and UI

Once the wireframe of the template design was agreed I started mocking up a high-fidelity visual design that contained all images, content and the casino branding.

Visual design and solution

By amalgamating all of the landing pages into one optimized and user-friendly design we created a really strong solution that could be used business wide. I also ensured that the solution would also be optimized for mobile devices.

StarCasino igaming online casino

StarCasino igaming online casino

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